shining force:characters:guntz
Class: Steam Knight (SKNT)   Promo: Steam Baron (SBRN)   Race: Armadillo
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Guntz, steam knight of the Shining Force You'll first meet Guntz in the town of Rindo, trying out a special steam suit for a local inventor. You'll meet him again in the sheep pen at the second Pao, where he'll join your Force.

Although the Japanese game manual lists him as an Arumajiro (Armadillo), it has a question mark beside it, perhaps he's something else?

SKNT Guntz

SKNT Guntz

SBRN Guntz

shining force:characters:guntz's statistics
Summary: Good steady growth leading to surprisingly low HP and a high attack. What he lacks in HP he makes up for in defense, having the highest maximum defense of the team.
stat increases at
a steady rate
stats begin high, growing quickly at first, then slowing down.
stats begin low, growing slowly at first, then rapidly increasing
stats begin high, growing quickly, then levelling off before a final quick increase
stat does not apply to this character
Growth Rates of Statistics

Approximate Start/End Stats
Normal 09/24 00/00 10/25 11/30
Promoted 24/58 00/00 25/40 30/85

Initial Stats
LV : 08
HP : 14
MP : 00
AT : 24
DF : 16
AG : 13
MV : 04

Initial Weapon
Bronze Lance

shining force:characters:guntz's weapons
Weapon types: Spears, Lances, Poleaxes   Best Weapon: Valkyrie
Attack boosts for each weapon are listed below that weapon's name. If there is also a line of text in italics, this refers to the effect caused when the weapon is used.
  - Pre-promotion Weapons (SKNT) can also be equipped following promotion
Attack +8
Bronze Lance
Attack +9
Power Spear
Attack +15
  - Post-promotion Weapons (SBRN) can only be equipped following promotion
Steel Lance
Attack +18
Chrome Lance
Attack +22
Attack +25
Bolt 1
Attack +35
Devil Lance
Attack +35

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