Chapter 1 – Runefaust Invasion

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You start the game in a state of unconsciousness, having been training with Lord Varios. After the soldier comes to call Varios away you should go inside the building where you’ll find Lowe. You decide to find out what’s going on, and from here the game truly begins. Talk to the priest and he’ll tell you about a nightmare he had last night, talk to the other people and the scene will become clearer. If you wander to the right of the town and up a little pathway you’ll find the local pub, and in it an old warrior named Gort. He’ll join later on, and it’s important that you speak to him now. Wander up around the castle next and in one of the buildings outside you’ll meet a female centaur named Mae. She too will join later. If you now go to the castle itself you’ll overhear a little of the conversation and be roped into saving the world. The King will tell you to gather your troops, and so you should head back towards the town. Lowe, Hans, Ken, Tao and Luke will come running up behind you, eager to join. Then return to the castle and you will be given 100 gold with which to purchase equipment and supplies. You should get medical herb for everyone and at least one spare piece. My advice for the next part is that as soon as you reach the first battle, you should exit the battle and go right, towards the small hut.

Gong’s Hut

Outside the hut you’ll find a muscly looking guy chopping up wood. Talk to him and he’ll join you. His name is Gong. On the right of the area you’ll find a strange creature wearing a helmet, his name is Jogurt. He won’t join yet, but talk to him anyway if you like. Inside the hut you can save game. Then you should head back out into the battle.

Battle 1

Map of Shining Force's Battle #1

The Ancient Gate


Monster # HP MP AT DF AG MV
Rune Knight 1 14 0 7 7 7 7
Dark Dwarf 2 12 0 5 8 5 4
Goblin 5 12 0 4 6 5 5

Battle 2

Map of Shining Force's Battle #2

Return to Guardiana


Monster # HP MP AT DF AG MV
Rune Knight 2 14 0 7 7 7 7
Dark Dwarf 3 12 0 5 8 5 4
Goblin 6 12 0 4 6 5 5


You return to find Guardiana in ruins, having been attacked while you were away. If you return to the pub, Gort will tell you that the attack made him want to fight again, and he’ll join the Force. Now go to the castle and you’ll find Kane there, he’ll kill Varios and the King. To avenge the deaths, Varios’ daughter Mae will join. In and around the castle you’ll be able to find the following items: 50 gold, power potion, defence potion, angel wing and an antidote. Save the potions for later. They boost stats permanently, but it’s best to use them after promotion. Now you should head north towards Alterone.

Battle 3

Map of Shining Force's Battle #3

To Alterone


Monster # HP MP AT DF AG MV
Rune Knight 5 14 0 7 7 7 7
Dark Dwarf 5 12 0 5 8 5 4
Giant Bat 5 14 0 11 6 9 7


Around the town you’ll be able to find: 50 gold, 50 gold, 70 gold, medical herb, 2 healing seeds, power potion (push the cart into the girl, then she’ll push you into the water so you can reach the chest on the little island), a middle sword and a bronze lance. As before, save the potions for later. After you have gathered all these items, go to the bar and talk to everyone. You’ll be asked if you come from Guardiana. You’ll be able to enter the castle if you answer yes to both questions asked. Now go to the castle.

Alterone Castle

Before you talk to the King, have a scout around for these items: 100 gold, a healing seed, some bread of life, a defence potion, a wooden staff, a wooden arrow and a middle sword. While exploring you’ll probably meet Khris, a blonde-haired Kyantol (half-dog). Now, talk to the King. He will ask you to follow him, do so to meet Kane. You will then be thrown in jail.

Alterone Prison

In the prison cell is a priest, who is of course able to save your game, raise, cure etc. If you search the cell door, Khris will come along and unlock the door. It’s too dangerous to head out that way though, so she will show you a secret passage that leads to your HQ. When you leave HQ you will find Alterone town full of monsters, so go ahead and fight battle number 4!

Battle 4

Map of Shining Force's Battle #4

Inside Alterone


Monster # HP MP AT DF AG MV
Dark Mage 1 13 26 6 6 9 5
Sniper 2 13 0 7 5 7 5
Rune Knight 4 14 0 7 7 7 7
Dark Dwarf 4 12 0 5 8 5 4
Giant Bat 4 14 0 11 6 9 7

Alterone Castle

When you win, go to the castle. You can find 50 gold and a healing seed in some chests that you couldn’t get to before. Then speak to the King, who’ll apologise for his actions. He’ll go on to explain to you to use the Dragon’s Head to leave. This part seems to cause trouble for a lot of players, perhaps they didn’t listen to the King. The Dragon’s Head is a carving on a wall in the bottom left of the castle, around the pools. Search it and you’ll find a chain. You’ll be asked if you want to pull it – say yes and enter the passageway to complete Chapter 1 and move on to Chapter 2…