Chapter 2 – Spirit of the Holy Spring

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You’ll begin this chapter just outside the town of Rindo, which Max can enter by walking onto it. At the weapons shop you can buy some new gear for your Force – the Power Staff will give a nice attack boost to your magic users and help them get more hands-on in the battles ahead. For a bit of fun, head to the theatre around the top left of town to watch a cute little play about the current events in the world of Rune. Head to the right of town and you’ll find a large, empty patch of ground where the Circus is going to set up later on. North of this area you’ll find a chest in a building, search it to find the Speed Ring. To finish up in Rindo, speak to the Mayor, who will refuse to let you use his boat, and then leave the town. Head to the left to begin the next battle as you travel to Manarina.

Battle 5

Shining Force Battle Map #5

To Manarina

Goal: Kill everything or enter Manarina with Max

Monster # HP MP AT DF AG MV
Dark Mage (A) 3 13 26 10 6 9 5
Zombie 4 15 0 18 13 7 5
Giant Bat 4 14 0 11 6 9 7
Dark Dwarf 3 12 0 12 8 5 4
Sniper 2 13 0 5 5 7 5


When you enter Manarina there are a few things you’ll need to do before heading to the next battle. Firstly, locate Princess Anri (a white-haired mage) and talk with her. She’ll run away upstairs, so follow her and speak with her upstairs to have her join the Force. Now explore around the upper levels of the Mage School to find Arthur, a blonde centaur hanging out laundry on one of the upper floors and speak with him to ensure he will join you after the next battle. On the ground floor level you’ll be able to find the Domingo Egg in what looks like a large monster suit against a wall in a room to the upper right of the map. Now head go to speak with Otrant and after the conversation, head downstairs and enter the Cavern of Darkness.

Battle 6

Shining Force Battle Map #6

Cavern of Darkness

Goal: Defeat Skeleton

You can either search the chests during the battle, or afterwards. You’ll find a Power Ring, Power Staff, Wooden Staff, Medical Herb and finally the item that you came for – the Orb of Light.


Monster # HP MP AT DF AG MV
Skeleton (A) 1 15 0 21 16 7 6
Dark Mage (A) 4 13 26 10 6 9 5
Zombie 3 15 0 18 13 7 5
Giant Bat 5 14 0 11 6 9 7
Sniper 2 13 0 5 5 7 5


Leave the Cavern of Darkness via the staircase in the bottom left and then head up to the wall with the eye symbol on it. The wall will open up, revealing a pool behind, where you can use the Orb of Light at the end of the platform to speak with the Spirit of the Holy Spring. Once you’ve spoken with her you can head back upstairs to speak to Otrant for a little more guidance, after which you should go to find Arthur on the upper levels of the Mage School again and speak with him to have him join the Force. Once you’re finished in Manarina, leave the town and head back down to Rindo.


Go to see the mayor, who will offer you his ship in exchange for rescuing his grandson from the circus. Talk to the man blocking the way to the circus tent and he’ll step out of the way for you. You’ll encounter Mishaela in the tent who will leave you to defeat her monsters and precious puppets.

Battle 7

Shining Force Battle Map #7

Circus Battle (aka Marionette)

Goal: Defeat Marionette

Monster # HP MP AT DF AG MV
Marionette 1 35 ?? 25 13 13 6
Dire Clown 2 15 0 18 11 7 5
Mannequin 3 16 0 16 10 8 5
Evil Puppet (A) 3 14 15 14 10 7 5
Giant Bat 3 14 0 11 6 9 7

Circus Tent

If you didn’t search the chests during the battle, you can do so afterwards to receive 50G, a Defence Potion and Steel Arrow. Leave the tent and return to the mayor’s house.


Talk to the mayor, who will agree to give you his ship. Before heading to the dock at the right side of town, be sure to head back to the theatre to enjoy a revised edition of the play you watched before! Now make your way on board the ship, where your plans will quickly be scuppered by Mishaela and you’ll be forced back onto dry land. Talk to the mayor once more and to his son, who will tell you where to go next. Upon leaving town you’ll be free to head north to a place called Shade Abbey.

Shade Abbey

You’ll meet a birdwoman named Amon on the path to Shade Abbey, who pleads with you to save someone named Balbaroy. Keep going up the path and find the friar in the building. Talk to him and you’ll then be able to pass through the doorway to the north and enter the chapel. You’ll see Balbaroy at the top of the chapel and as you approach, you’ll be followed by a group of suspicious-acting villagers… it’s a trap! A battle will automatically begin and the friar appears, only to reveal he is actually none other than Darksol! He’ll leave you with his horde of the undead…

Battle 8

Shining Force Battle Map #8

Shade Abbey

Goal: Defeat Ghoul


Monster # HP MP AT DF AG MV
Zombie 6 15 0 18 13 7 5
Skeleton (A) 3 15 0 21 16 7 6
Ghoul 1 25 0 23 14 9 6

Shade Abbey

After the battle, Balbaroy will join you and as you head back out of Shade Abbey, Amon will join too.