Chapter 5 – Gateway to the Hidden Shrine

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Ship Journey

You’ll be flung straight into battle at the start of Chapter 5, on board the ship you took from Uranbatol. You can, however, retreat down the stairs to access a priest and HQ if needed.

Battle 15

Shining Force Battle Map #15

Ship Battle 1

Goal: Defeat all monsters


Monster # HP MP AT DF AG MV
Shellfish 2 25 0 23 16 23 6
Conch 3 21 0 20 15 16 6
Seabat 4 22 0 20 14 14 7
Pegasus Knight 3 18 0 21 16 12 7


The ship is damaged in the battle, after which you’ll meet a mermaid named Shell who leads you to her home island of Waral where Nova believes the ship can be repaired. Talk to the King and explore the island – including the chests in the item shop where you can find a Bread of Life, Defence Potion and Medical Herb; and the chests in the weapon shop which will give you the Mobility Ring and Shower of Cure. You’ll find a guest boat by a jetty, to access the various small islands around Waral, including the priest. When you’ve finished exploring, take the guest boat down to the buoys around the bottom left of the map and talk to the mermaid guardian who will warn you of the dangers ahead – but allow you to proceed regardless.

Ring Reef

After a cutscene you’ll wake up in a small room. Go upstairs and talk to the priest before heading outside and down the stairs into Ring Reef. Enter the blue ruins and step on the portal in the centre and you’ll be whisked away to the Shining Path.

Shining Path

Follow the Skeleton, who will lead you to the next battle where the Master Mage is trying to open the Shining Path

Battle 16

Shining Force Battle Map #16

Ring Reef

Goal: Defeat the Master Mage


Monster # HP MP AT DF AG MV
Hellhound 5 19 0 10 13 13 7
Skeleton (B) 5 15 0 25 20 7 6
Seabat 4 22 0 20 14 14 7
Worm 3 17 0 20 16 16 4
Master Mage (A) 1 22 32 33 13 26 5

Shining Path

After the battle there’s a story cutscene and your plans are once again scuppered. Use the guest boat to return to Waral.


Use the guest boat to talk to Shell (in the small house to the right of where you came through the buoys), then make your preparations for the next battle before going to see the King. You’ll now get your ship back in a seaworthy state and can leave Waral. Another battle awaits you on the deck!

Second Ship Journey

As before, you can retreat down the staircase to access the priest’s services and HQ if needed.

Battle 17

Shining Force Battle Map #17

Ship Battle 2

Goal: Defeat all monsters

You can find the Teppou (Gun) useless item at the bow of the ship.


Monster # HP MP AT DF AG MV
Shellfish 4 25 0 23 16 23 6
Conch 6 21 0 20 15 16 6
Seabat 5 22 0 20 14 14 7
Pegasus Knight 2 18 0 21 16 12 7
Gargoyle 1 18 20 26 15 20 6

Second Ship Journey

The ship drifts off course after the battle and you’ll find yourself sailing off into Chapter 6…