Chapter 4 – The Great Fortress of Balbazak

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Pao (1)

Speak with Elliot inside the item vendor’s tent at the bottom of Pao. You’ll then be able to explore Pao freely, including the inside wagons. Don’t miss out on recruiting the Force’s ‘mascot’, Jogurt. You can find him by entering the church at the top left of the town and wandering around the top right corner, near the bed. You’ll see Jogurt outside in the same direction and if you hear a little squeaking noise and see him sit up and fall over again, it means he has joined! The chests found around town contain a Bread of Life, Legs of Haste and Long Sword. You can also buy new weapons here. When you’re ready to progress, talk to the Queen in the wagon, then the engineer and then the Queen again and the town will pack up and leave. Once they’ve left, Kokichi will pay you an unexpected visit and join the Force, followed by Vankar the centaur who you can find waiting for you too. Now you can leave the area and move on to the next battle.

Battle 12

Shining Force Battle Map #12

General Elliot

Goal: Defeat Elliot

Don’t forget to get the Heat Axe from one of the Lizardmen.


Monster # HP MP AT DF AG MV
Lizardman 5 20 0 24 12 12 6
Pegasus Knight 4 18 0 21 16 12 7
Silver Knight 4 16 0 18 12 11 7
Dark Priest 3 16 25 21 9 10 5
Artillery 1 14 0 24 15 14 4
Elliott 1 60 0 32 17 16 5

Pao (2)

After the battle, the travelling town of Pao will reappear. A man in the item shop will incubate and hatch your Domingo Egg. Talk to Domingo and he’ll join the Force. You can also recruit Guntz by entering the sheep pen and talking to him. You will find a Steel Sword and Elven Arrow in the chests within the Queen’s wagon. When you’re prepared for battle, leave town and head north to the Fortress of Uranbatol.

Battle 13

Shining Force Battle Map #13

Fortress of Uranbatol

Goal: Defeat all monsters


Monster # HP MP AT DF AG MV
Pegasus Knight 3 18 0 21 16 12 7
Silver Knight 6 16 0 18 12 11 7
Dark Priest 3 16 25 21 9 10 5
Artillery 1 14 0 24 15 14 4
Hellhound 2 19 0 10 13 13 7


After the battle, head through the door which guarded by the Hellhound (top left area of the map) and down two sets of stairs to find Earnest the centaur. Watch the cutscene and then speak with him to have him join the Force. Now head outside, deal with any church or shop business you need to and then go to the bottom right of town to find a fenced off area with a guarded door. Talk to the guard who will now happily move out of the way for you to access the docks and face Balbazak in battle.

Battle 14

Shining Force Battle Map #14

Balbazak (Uranbatol Dock)

Goal: Defeat Balbazak

Tip: Balbazak doesn’t move as he is guarding the gangplank to the ship, use ranged attacks on him!


Monster # HP MP AT DF AG MV
Silver Knight 2 16 0 18 12 11 7
Dark Priest 1 16 25 21 9 10 5
Artillery 3 14 0 24 15 14 4
Hellhound 2 19 0 10 13 13 7
Seabat 5 22 0 20 14 14 7
Evil Puppet (B) 1 14 15 26 14 7 5
Balbazak 1 65 0 34 18 20 5

Uranbatol Dock

Talk with Balbazak and agree to let him go in order to board the ship and begin your sea voyage in Chapter 5.