Boosting Items

Items that permanently increase your characters statistics.

Bread of Life Increases HP permanently
Power Potion Increases ATT permanently
Defense Potion Increases DEF permanently
Legs of Haste Increases AGI permanently
Turbo Pepper Increases MOV permanently

Boosting Item Locations

Bread of Life – Alterone Castle

Bread of Life – Pao (1) Wagon

Bread of Life – Waral


Defence Potion – Guardiana Treasury

Defence Potion – Alterone Castle

Defence Potion – Rindo Circus


Defence Potion – Waral

Legs of Haste – Pao (1) Wagon

Power Potion – Guardiana Treasury


Power Potion – Alterone

Power Potion – Demon Castle

Turbo Pepper – Tower of the Ancients