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  useless items
Translation & Location:
Sugoi MizugiAmazing Swimsuit
The North wall in the Moonstone Cave in Bustoke Quarry. Give this to Tao and her battle icon will be wearing a bikini.
Kitui HukuTight Clothes (aka Daring Dress)
This can be found beside the 3 snipers in the Laser Eye battle. Give it to Anri and her battle icon will be wearing a miniskirt.
Port bow of the ship on the second journey.
KenjiPublic Prosecutor
Alleyway on the way to Balbazak's.
Kaku-chanPapa Doll
North wall on the West side of the Colossus fight.
In the fight against Kane in Dragonia, in the outer north-west wall of the largest building, near the flowers. The Japanese word "Youji" translates to "business", "something to do" and also "infant".
Kindan NoHakoForbidden Box
No-one seems to know where this item is!