Chapter 3 – Secret Weapon of Runefaust

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You’ll begin Chapter 3 in the cliffside town of Bustoke. Enter the northernmost building to speak to the Queen who will tell you that the men of Bustoke have been forced to work in the quarry to excavate the Laser Eye – an ancient weapon – and will ask for your help. Now speak with Diane, the pink-haired archer in the room, who will join the Force. Make sure you speak to the alchemist (towards the right side of town on the lowest level) who will tell you he needs Lunar Dew, made from Moon Stone, to be able to help Zylo. Now leave town from the right hand side, to enter the Quarry.

Battle 9

Shining Force Battle Map #9

Bustoke Quarry

Goal: Defeat Master Mage


Monster # HP MP AT DF AG MV
Skeleton (A) 6 15 0 21 16 7 6
Dark Priest 4 16 25 21 9 10 5
Master Mage (A) 1 22 32 33 13 26 5
Lizardman 1 20 0 24 12 12 6
Dark Elf 2 16 0 26 9 10 6
Dark Mage (B) 2 14 26 19 8 12 5

Bustoke Quarry

After the battle, enter the cave that the Master Mage was guarding, to collect Moon Stone from the chest inside. You can also find the Sugoi Mizugi (Amazing Swimsuit) item here by searching the bottom left corner of the wall of the cave for a hidden chest. Now return through the battlefield, to Bustoke itself.


Take the Moon Stone to the alchemist who asked for it and he will make and give you the Lunar Dew required to cure Zylo. Head back to where you met Diane and go through the house beside it, then down the long ladder to the left to find Zylo’s cell. The girl outside it will unlock the cell for you, so you can go and use the Lunar Dew on Zylo. Delighted to be cured, he will join the Force. Now head to a house around the bottom left of the town, where you’ll find Kokichi working on his flying machine. Search the machine and he’ll talk to you then give you a demonstration of how it works. You’ll meet him again later. Finally, leave Bustoke by heading past the church, you’ll be taken to a battle outside of town.

Battle 10

Shining Force Battle Map #10

Outside Bustoke

Goal: Reach the Bridge or defeat all monsters

Monster # HP MP AT DF AG MV
Skeleton (A) 5 15 0 21 16 7 6
Lizardman 2 20 0 24 12 12 6
Dark Mage (B) 2 14 26 19 8 12 5
Pegasus Knight 4 18 0 21 16 12 7
Sniper 2 13 0 5 5 7 5

The Bridge

After a cut scene at the bridge, you’ll find yourself in battle, so you may want to return to Bustoke for supplies or anything you need to do at the church before you actually enter the bridge, or by Egressing after the cutscene and returning to the bridge.

Battle 11

Shining Force Battle Map #11

Laser Eye

Goal: Defeat Silver Knight

Note that the Laser Eye’s attack spans the length of the bridge and will damage every living thing in its path, be it friend or foe. It takes 5 turns to actually attack, with a countdown preceding each one to give you fair warning – try not to be in the path of its laser when it goes off! You are safe from the beam in outcropping of the bridge, just above the Dark Elves (and if you search nearby the Dark Elves’ starting position, you’ll find another useless item, the Kitui Huku aka Daring Dress).


Monster # HP MP AT DF AG MV
Lizardman 5 20 0 24 12 12 6
Pegasus Knight 3 18 0 21 16 12 7
Dark Elf 3 16 0 26 9 10 6
Silver Knight 2 16 0 18 12 11 7
Dark Priest 2 16 25 21 9 10 5

The Bridge

Another cutscene will play out after the battle, whereupon Pelle will join the Force and the chapter draws to a close.